Weaning Information on Local (Sri Lankan) Produce and Foods

If you are a Sri Lankan parent or one residing in Sri Lanka, then I would definitely recommend reading the Child Nutrition PDF Booklet issued by the Family Health Bureau (FHB). The organization, which is the focal point for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) in Sri Lanka, has publicized this document to help new parents introduce solids to their infants in the safest, most nutritionally conscious manner.

It’s also helpful because it is 100% relatable in terms of the actual vegetables, fruits and other foods (all local produce) recommended for each stage of baby’s diet in the first year of complimentary feeding (most online sites and blogs relating to the subject focus on food predominantly from the West) .

The booklet covers almost every ingredient available in the country and specifies how and when it is to be introduced to your little one. I came across it while searching for local, contemporary information on weaning baby and I knew that I had to share it with you guys. It honestly is a treasure trove of information! 

THIS is the link to downloading the booklet. I used the PDF marked ‘CF booklet English.pdf’ but it is also available in Sinhala and Tamil.

Please share it with all other moms, dads and guardians you know. It is a very useful and informative document that, I feel, is an absolute must read.

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