Sensory Bags for Exploratory & Cognitive Development

If you’re a parent who does baby’s things on your own, you probably love mess-free play and baby activities that won’t require lots of preparation and cleaning afterwards.
But you’re also keen on exposing your little ones to different textures, colors and material in order to help them understand the world around them better while improving their cognitive skills and coordination.
This is where sensory bags come in. They are essentially zip-lock bags full of different substances and material that are easy to make and will help your baby have lots of fun!

Some bags I make are filled with blobs of paint that Ahalya stamped and squished to make different colours and designs. Others are filled with water, paint and glitter and she just plays with it by touching, squeezing and turning it over. She loves how the liquid feels when she moves it around.

So give them a go and see how your baby likes these colourful sensory bags.
This activity is not safe for infants with teeth as they will at times try to bite/mouth the bag. Also make sure your baby’s nails have been trimmed in order to avoid leakage and poisoning (if paint is not baby safe). I also strap Ahalya to her high chair and keep the bags on the tray so that she is safely harnessed and won’t topple over.

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