Introducing Sago to Baby

I introduced my little one to sago as her 41st ingredient to try. And she loved it.
Sago is the starch extracted from the spongy centre or pith of specific tropical palm stems (and not from the root of tapioca as some believe. They are not tapioca pearls.) and when cooked can be a perfect first food for infants.

Babies can easily digest Sago Pearls, so they won’t experience any constipation or other tummy troubles such as indigestion, bloating or flatulence after eating it. I cooked the sago in some coconut milk for Ahalya for breakfast today. And I think it’s going to be a staple at the Kotuwella-Kannangara household from now on.

Sago or Sawu (as it is known in Sri Lanka) is a wholesome food that is rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin K, calcium and potassium. It aids baby’s growth, nourishment and the healing of muscles, while promoting healthy bone growth and development. Sago is also considered an energy booster and an excellent summer-weather food that helps regulate the body’s temperature.

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