Introducing Strawberry to Baby with Organix Strawberry Baby Biscuits (Review)

Today Ahalya also tried Organic Strawberry Baby Biscuits from Organix Food and, again, really liked it! It was also the first time Ahalya tried anything strawberry, and her 42nd ingredient to try too.
It is a part of the Organix 7+ Months Range that encourages baby to feed herself Finger Food. These stage 2 snacks come shaped like a ring which is perfect for your baby’s little grip. They are crunchy enough for your child to start munching on -especially if they are teething- but soft and crumbly enough to eliminate any choking hazards (yes, I tasted them too ) – but this is my personal opinion. Each baby is different and you should always supervise your infant with new snacks and observe how they eat it for yourself.
I also love how the labels on Organix products read – they are so clear and simple. And you know that the ingredients used are 100% natural and organic. These biscuits contain wheat flour, grape juice, sustainably sourced palm oil, sunflower oil, strawberry powder, sodium bicarbonate and Vitamin B1.

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