Huggies Little Swimmers Leak-proof Swim Pants (Review)

Bambino sells individual Huggies Little Swimmers Baby Swimpants (size 3-4) for Rs.225 each (they also sell an entire pack for over Rs.2000). This worked really well for us because I wasn’t sure how she would react to this particular product (my baby has very sensitive skin prone to mild eczema so I’m careful with topical textures and applications now). And I didn’t want to waste money on an entire pack because I didn’t know what to do with 12 swimmer diapers if it disagreed.
Also because infant weight keeps increasing, I also thought an entire pack might be too much (but, having said that the weight range is quite broad in this brand of baby swimmer diapers – the lowest being 7-15kg).
Plus it comes with a leak guard, stretchy waistband and easy open and close sides.

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