Baby’s First Pool Float

Today was Ahalya’s first time in the pool and she had so much fun! The arm floaties I found in Colombo were all too big for her and, although I bought a pair, we decided we wouldn’t use it on her this time.
However, this seahorse pool float that I got from House of Fashions (aprox. Rs. 2000) was super helpful and came in handy for taking her around the pool. When we were tired carrying her safely in our arms, we floated her above the water on it. She would splash the water with one hand and giggle every-time it bobbed up and down.
It also has two handles to hold on to while baby floats (ideally suitable for a toddler or older child). I’m so glad I purchased it before this trip and will definitely be using it again in the future.

Make sure your infant/baby is supervised at ALL TIMES when using pool floats. They can roll over or slide below water levels and there is even a risk of the float flipping over while your child is on it. Floats and floaties do not mean there is no risk of drowning so please be very careful and observant during pool time with your little one.

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