Introducing Lima Beans (Butter Beans) to Baby

Ahalya’s dinner tonight is a naked burrito bowl (this is before pureeing/mashing of course). It’s also the first time she tried Lima beans (she has tried organic white rice cereal before, even though this is the first time shes actually eating grains of natural white rive) – as her 50th ingredient in our complimentary weaning journey!
Also known as butter beans or chad beans, these white beans have almost the same nutrient profile and health benefits of kidney beans (which I have discussed in a previous post).

Once again, a cautionary reminder about beans such as these:
You should never eat raw Lima beans. Uncooked Lima bean contains linamarin, a kind of cyanide that’s potentially toxic. Cooking it destroys the compound, so Lima beans that have been cooked are safe to eat.

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