Feeding Baby Solids on Holiday

The staff at Jetwing Yala were very accommodating of baby’s needs and so helpful when it came to our requests. It was especially thoughtful of them to insist on helping with preparing her food.
While I packed my organic and natural baby food jars and cereals for Ahalya, I was a little worried about the balance of nutrients in her diet during a three day stay. It was mostly the same few things that I alternated during every meal. And when the executive chef of the hotel told us that they were willing to prepare anything we wanted, hygienically and separately, for baby I was happy to try a few meals out. I insisted that no salt or milk should be added to any of the foods during preparation and they were happy to comply.
But I didn’t want to trouble the staff all the time, so I did managed with the food that I had brought and requested only a few preparations.

For breakfast I asked for oats cooked in water and mashed chickpea and mung bean paste that I combined with it (seen here) I also asked for a mix of puréed spinach, potato and chicken for dinner and some sago cooked in water another time.

I’m glad I could arrange her meals this way and there were no stomach problems or any other issues. Thank you so much for being so thoughtful Jetwing Hotels! we had a wonderful stay…

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