Introducing Divul (Wood Apple) to Baby

I gave Ahalya Wood Apple as her 59th ingredient. First, I took the pulp of a ripe wood apple and softened it in warm water. This, I sieved through a mesh strainer using a metal spoon so that the soft flesh of the fruit separated from its hard fibers and seeds (Ahalya is still too young to digest these). Afterwards, when I tasted it, it was very, very sour. So, I mixed the fruit pulp with organic rice cereal to balance its flavour. When she tried it for the first time she still gave me that biting-a-tequila-lime-quarter cringe. So I added a little more cereal to it and that worked! I know she didn’t love it but she didn’t hate it either.
Wood Apple is very rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and other nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, protein and iron. It not only improves the performance of critical organs such as the liver and kidney of your child but also his or her overall metabolism. Locally known as divul, it is also an energy and immunity booster and strengthens your eye health. Consumption of wood apples are known to aid digestion and prevent dangerous stomach ulcers and certain cancers. Its anti-inflammatory properties help your baby fight-off such infections and protects an infant from illnesses like the common cold and flu.

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