Introducing Wetakolu (Luffa Gourd/Ridge Gourd) to Baby

I included Luffa Gourd or Ridge Gourd to Ahalya’s lunch of rice, lentils, meat, veges, greens, potato and coconut milk today. It was her 52nd ingredient to try! I cleaned and lightly peeled the tough rind of the gourd and sliced it for cooking. I also removed its stringy center that contains the seeds because Ahalya is still 7.3 months and can’t fully digest all that. I prepared the luffa by chopping it with the rest of her veges and cooking it until completely tender, I then puréed it all to a lumpy consistency for her to eat, like I usually do.
Also known as luffa fruit or sponge gourd, this vegetable contains various antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, nutrients and lipids. It is an excellent source of vitamin A and carbohydrates. It is also full of vitamin B5, manganese, potassium, copper, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C and magnesium.
It is known to remedy constipation and hypoglycemia while enhancing your baby’s immune system. Locally identified as wetakolu, when consumed, it prevents eye ailments, diabetes and muscle ache. It also promotes brain function, skin health, and detoxifies the body while cleansing the digestive tract.

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