Messy Mealtimes!

Sometimes I let Ahalya play with her food. For those who know me and my clean/neat-freak madness, this may come as a surprise. But I let her make a mess. Yes, voluntarily.
I let her explore textures using her hands and hope that it will help her become more open to the idea of eating by herself using her fingers in the future. I also feel that it encourages creativity to an extent.
On another note, I really wanted to follow baby-led weaning when I first stared complimentary feeding her, but because she is a slow weight gainer, I was advised by the pead to feed her using a spoon while monitoring portion size and intake.
Anyway watching her make this mess is a struggle but it’s also rewarding! And I’m guessing there is much much more of these to come so I better get used to it!

I made kurakkang flour and coconut milk porridge for her today and it becomes quite gelatinous once cooked. She liked the squishy, wobbly feel of it but by the end of her meal, we were left with this watery work of art.

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