Sleeptime Tips; Humidifier & Cot Height

Two things.

1 – This cool mist humidifier (top left, purple and white) is one of the best purchases I have made so far, since having the little one. I’m not big on meds for the baby and THIS has proven very effective when she fights through colds and nasal congestion. And it also works well on other nights too, since the air conditioner is switched on throughout. I bought it through and it’s definitely a value for money product. They do give a warranty and it was super easy to purchase online. But remember to clean the inside of the humidifier every 2-3 days to make sure there is no build up of mold as it can cause respiratory problems in children.

UPDATE: I stopped using the humidifier when Ahalya was one and a half years old as I felt that she was accustomed to the air conditioner fully and it didn’t dehydrate her or cause dry skin.

2 – I had to lower the mattress height of Ahalya’s cot because she kept hanging on to the sides and lifting herself up, once almost going over the rail (she can still do it, just now there is no risk of her going over because of the height of the rail). She also tried to grab the cot mobiles when I kept her standing in the baby cot a few times and I thought it a little too dangerous and decided it was time to sleep on the bottom bunk from then on!

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