Strawberry and Raspberry Porridge by Ella’s Kitchen (Review)

I offered Ahalya the organic baby food product, Strawberry and Raspberry Porridge (for 7 months+ infants) by Ella’s Kitchen today.
Because of the various ingredients and flavours in the mix, it’s great for baby’s being introduced to new textures and flavours. Made from all organic and healthy components, this baby porridge doesn’t contain added or artificial colours, flavour agents or preservatives.
Available for purchase at Bambino down Galle Road, each pack contains MaizeFlour 52%, Oats 32%, Rice Crispies 9%, Dried Strawberries 4%, Dried Raspberries 3% and Thiamin (Vitamin B1) <0.01%.
It tastes fruity and a little sour and has obviously no added salt or sugar. And Ahalya loved it!

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