I was Operated for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

When you’re a parent you sometimes become your own worst critique. You push yourself to go beyond what you are capable of doing. You tell yourself you have to do more, sacrifice more and BECOME more. And sometimes, you forget about yourself; you don’t think it’s as important to look after yourself, you think it’s okay to neglect yourself because you’re doing it all for your baby.
I’m here to tell you that it’s wrong. ITS WRONG to think that way and to feel that way. Take time to look after yourself, understand that you deserve a break and that above all you need REST. You MUST give yourself time to unwind and recharge.
Explain to your family that you need to be healthy first in order to take care of everyone else. Ask for help if you must. Don’t wait until you are in surgery or a hospital bed because it’s then that you realize all the little things you are unable to do for your little one; things that you took for granted so far. You’ll also learn how unimportant all the insignificant things you usually stress-out about are.
So take care mommies (and daddies). Always look out for your own health. Understand that you are human and there is only so much that each of us can do.
Remember, you matter too.
Stay blessed and take it easy!

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