Introducing Garlic to Baby

Ahalya tasted garlic for first time as her 71st ingredient. I crushed a few cloves of garlic, fried it in organic virgin coconut oil and added it to her lunch. I didn’t want to cook the crushed garlic with the rice and veges on the first day because I was worried that its strong taste would overpower everything else. Preparing it separately seem to do the trick but I wish I didn’t let it brown so much, because the bits of garlic became a little hard and sticky. The little one didn’t seem to mind too much though.
Garlic is a good source of vitamin B6, manganese, selenium, sulfur, potassium and iron. It helps fight the common cold, fever, flu, pneumonia, asthma, and many other respiratory problems. Garlic is anti-inflammatory and also possesses antimicrobial properties that help prevent the growth of infection causing bacteria. In addition, the nutrients in garlic kill harmful intestinal worms, strengthen heart health, prevent cancer and improve immunity.

You can begin giving garlic to babies between 6 and 8 months of age. However, some babies may find it difficult to digest it, while some could develop an allergy.

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