Introducing Onion to Baby

I gave my little girl her first taste of onion. It was her 72nd ingredient to try. I tempered sliced red onions or shallots and added a little it to her lunch of cooked red rice, greens, chicken, coconut milk and veges. Before serving it, I gave the whole mix a few pulses -the way I’ve been doing of late- so that it had small pieces of food still intact. I fed this to her and guess what folks? It was a home run!
Onions are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6, other B complex vitamins and vitamin C, as well as iron, folate and potassium. They are also excellent sources of sulfuric compounds, flavonoids, phyto chemicals and polyphenols.
The nutrients in an onion can prevent cancer, improve both heart and respiratory health, promote healthy digestion and sleep, cut the risk of gastric ulcers, maintain ear, eye and oral health, remedy inflammation and other allergic reactions, aid immunity, cure blood clots, enhance brain health and even help cut fever.

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