She said ‘Amma’ (Momma) for the first time!

Today Ahalya said ‘amma’ for the first time!
She had no clue what it meant, I think. Just indiscriminately babbled ‘amma-amma’, but I almost cried with joy! I know I’ll become exasperated having to hear it a million times a day as she grows up, but I have to be honest, the first time I heard it, it took my breath away…
She got excited seeing that I was excited too and laughed when I grinned like an idiot, but went back to her ‘p-p-p’s ‘b-b-b’a and ‘yaey-yaey-yaey-ya’s soon enough.
I have also noticed that when she babbles now she is trying to mimic the tones, patterns and vocal inflections of talking adults. Sometimes it sounds as though she’s trying to ask a question and is waiting for a response or demanding something or making an exclamation. I think it’s important to foster an infant’s efforts to vocalize and speak by engaging her in baby talk and encouraging that cute babble!

Ahalya has now learnt to respond to ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ (at 8 months+ of age). Her coordination is a little off but we love to wave ‘hiii’ or ‘bye-bye’ to our favourites these days.

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