Another Day Solo Parenting!

I got my Carpal Tunnel surgery stitches removed yesterday. It started off with me leaving behind the doctors file for the appointment and having to rush back down from the 3rd floor baby and all to retrieve it. Then the doctor told me that some parts of the wound haven’t fully healed yet so to not get it wet for another one or two days. I had to explain to him that that wasn’t an option anymore and that I NEEDED to start doing things at home because I was on my own for the next couple of days. He said I needed to give it at least 24 hours. So I had to ask mom to take a half day from work, again!
I realized then that I was late to feed her breakfast so I started feeding a mango food jar in hospital. It was so watery she hated it. I let her drink the second one which seemed to work but after a while she pushed it aside and mango purée went everywhere. Then I had to wipe her clean, change her and clean the car seat without getting my right hand wet!
It was a disaster.
We left and I went to purchase a humidifier (because the one at home stopped working). But when I got home much later the new one was cracked too, so I had to call and talk to someone and send a request with photos and bill so that I could get it replaced, again!
I also had to get some organic cereals, porridges and baby food for Ahalya because I’m going on a trip the next day. It was so expensive; now my wallet has a massive hole in it.
And the baby cream I usually buy (pead recommended due to her mild eczema condition) was out of stock so I don’t know what to do about that!
Then I went and got her baby bath oil and and vitamin (again because of the skin condition), diapers and groceries and got home exhausted. I changed her and fed her lunch super late at 3pm. Then I put her to bed and held her till she slept, but she kept waking up as soon as I tried to get out of bed and leave.
She was fully awake after a while and didn’t sleep again. I started clearing stuff at home and realized I needed to start on her dinner, only to figure I forgot to breastfeed her in the evening!
I then rushed like a mad person to feed her, her dinner and she kicked the bowl in my hand and everything fell on the floor!
So I made some food again! she was angry and fussed and fussed probably because she was hungry and tired as well, but together with my mom, we finally washed her and managed to get her in bed.
I was still on a few short eats that I had for breakfast until very late at night when I had dinner. And I was so happy when I finally hit the pillow close to midnight, still cradling my sore right hand. All in all it was a pretty crappy day. And I realized us parents have to go trough days like this so often. And we still keep going no matter what.
So a BIG HUG to anyone who’s having a bad day and I hope you get your hands on a glass of wine soon! Lots of love mommas and daddies. Hang in there!

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