A Father’s Love

A love like this…
I know that there are a lot of fathers out there. Fathers who do so much. Fathers who find immeasurable joy in caring for their little one. Udara is one of them.
I would have never thought that his love for Ahalya will consume him in the way that it has. It makes me happy. Sometimes it also makes me worry. It seems to overwhelm him. He loves her beyond all logic, all reason without a doubt in the world.
I have been with him for over 11 years and not once had I seen him cry until she was born. He’s not a very sentimental man. Not one for expressing emotions or wearing his heart on his sleeve.
But, with her, it’s like all his defenses fell apart – all walls broken, battlements destroyed – only his raw beating heart, left vulnerable and exposed, just for her to see…

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