Saying Goodbye to Smiley

This is Smiley. I know she looks a little creepy. But Ahalya loves her. Smiley is a part of one of her cot mobiles. It was so bright and colourful, she noticed it before any of the other soft, pastel-hued mobiles that hung above her.
Smiley was also the first word she associated with a person/thing; way before ‘Thaththy’ or ‘Ammi’ or anyone else. She always knew who we were referring to when we said ‘Smiley’.
But now she’s slowly beginning to lose interest in Smiley. She’s realizing that there’s a whole world out there that she can explore. A world much more exciting, so much more interesting than a plastic flower.
I wonder when she will completely outgrow Smiley. Or when that look of pure glee and excitement that lights up her face whenever she’s allowed to touch Smiley fades.
Not too soon I hope. She’s growing up too fast, my little girl…
Sometimes I wish I could hold her in my arms forever. But I know that that’s just wishful thinking. I know she needs to move on. After all, she needs to become that strong, wonderful woman I know she will grow up to be!

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