Infant Travel Essentials; the checklist

When you realize that packing for a short getaway means 2 Barefoot Bags + half a carry on for baby and just half of whatever’s remaining in the carry on for me. Did my first night away with Ahalya, minus the better half. But my other better half, Shabna, was there, so all good! It's… Continue reading Infant Travel Essentials; the checklist

Sweat-induced Fungal Infections

It started around a month ago, when she was about 1.5 months old. She got a rash in the folds of her neck. I thought it was because of milk dribbling there but then she also got it on her armpits too. I knew it was because of the accumulation of sweat due to the… Continue reading Sweat-induced Fungal Infections

Philips Avent Orthodontic Pacifier (Review)

After Ahalya completed 2 months of age, we switched from the Philips Avent 0-2 months soothie to the free-flow 0-6 months one. Its orthodontic and collapsible teat is made to enhance the natural development of baby's palate, teeth and gums. They are also made of BPA-free, smooth, taste and odor-free silicone that doesn't stick and… Continue reading Philips Avent Orthodontic Pacifier (Review)

First Baby Sounds

I have read that at 2 months-old your baby makes real progress in communication. And that's true! I started mimicking the 'nga' 'aye' 'kha' sounds she was making since 1.7 weeks. And by 2 months we were having a two way baby conversation! It was a lot of incoherent noises but we were properly communicating… Continue reading First Baby Sounds

Second Phase of Infant Immunization (DTP, Hep B, Hib and Polio + Pneumococcal and Rotavirus Vaccines)

This was the photo I took of the baby thermometer to send my husband who was at work. It was the first time she's gotten a fever and I was relieved to find out that her temperature was normal again. Ahalya had her second phase of immunization yesterday, at 2 months. And as predicted by… Continue reading Second Phase of Infant Immunization (DTP, Hep B, Hib and Polio + Pneumococcal and Rotavirus Vaccines)

Create your own Parenting Philosophy

If the last two months have taught me anything, it's to not compare. It's important to understand for the sake of your baby (and your sanity), that your little human is a unique individual, just like every other baby. What works for one, won't work for the other. This also applies to parenting, one philosophy… Continue reading Create your own Parenting Philosophy

Co-sleeping Continues (but, we both compromised)

Remember I talked about how I co-slept when my 3 week old was taken ill? At 6 weeks, I thought it's time she started sleeping in her cot again (it was during our co-sleeping days that she began to sleep 4-5 hours straight, at night, and formed a proper sleep-schedule at night ). Although it… Continue reading Co-sleeping Continues (but, we both compromised)

Baby Growth Spurts

My baby is going through another growth spurt. When she was 2-3 weeks old, was her first. I freaked out and didn't know what was going on. She was fussy, cried for hours even when she was being fed, pulled off and on the breast, slept less, was irritable and cranky and very, very clingy.… Continue reading Baby Growth Spurts