Washing/Bathing your Travelling Infant

My husband and I travel a lot with the little one. So this is my solution to bathing her when we stay at hotels. It works well if you have a big sink in your room. So what I do first is wash the sink with baby soap and hot water. Then I let it… Continue reading Washing/Bathing your Travelling Infant

3 month-old Breastfed Baby Schedule (guide)

At three months old, Ahalya has grown accustom to a somewhat reliable schedule. Some days it all goes according to plan. Other days, especially when she's going through a growth spurt or a wonder week, it's a disaster. She even wakes up in the middle of the night for a feed. I haven't included this… Continue reading 3 month-old Breastfed Baby Schedule (guide)

Play Gym Time

Ahalya is 3 months old tomorrow. And it's the perfect time to introduce her to a baby play gym. Not only do they provide entertaining distractions (that help you get little things done around the house) but also help in the physical development of your infant. This particular play gym has colourful foam arches with… Continue reading Play Gym Time

Help! It’s the Drool.

It started at 2.7 weeks. Drool. Constant drool dripping down her chin onto her neck and chest. A week later, we had a saliva rash on our hands. I was constantly wiping saliva off her face and cursing all baby rashes to the depths of hell. I mean how many did I have to deal… Continue reading Help! It’s the Drool.

Severe Dry Skin is worrying me sick…

At her last doctor’s visit, Ahalya's pediatrician told me that she had severe dry skin. At the time, the heat was unbearable and this probably attributed to it. I was also using the Johnson's baby lotion which really didn't do much. But I was also under the impression that creams and ointments were bad for… Continue reading Severe Dry Skin is worrying me sick…

Breastfeeding; look no hands!

Free! Free! My arms are finally free!!! My baby can now feed without my hands supporting her head or my breast. It was impossible to breastfeed my little girl without holding my breast away from her nose with one hand (so she wouldn't suffocate) and the other supporting her neck in place (it wasn't steady… Continue reading Breastfeeding; look no hands!

Soft Cloth Blocks from Milk (Review)

I got these colourful cloth play blocks for Ahalya from Milk down Horton Place, so that we can use them at singsong time. While I sing along to Old Macdonald, I show her all the animals on the blocks. We also use the vehicles on this toy block set when singing Big Red Bus. She… Continue reading Soft Cloth Blocks from Milk (Review)