Huggies Little Swimmers Leak-proof Swim Pants (Review)

Bambino sells individual Huggies Little Swimmers Baby Swimpants (size 3-4) for Rs.225 each (they also sell an entire pack for over Rs.2000). This worked really well for us because I wasn't sure how she would react to this particular product (my baby has very sensitive skin prone to mild eczema so I'm careful with topical… Continue reading Huggies Little Swimmers Leak-proof Swim Pants (Review)

6 month-old Breastfed Baby Schedule (guide)

Like I posted a 3 month-old baby schedule a while ago, I thought I'd share my 6 month-old schedule with all you mommas and dads in hopes that it will help you have an idea or what to look forward to or have a very tough guide that you could follow. But keep in mind… Continue reading 6 month-old Breastfed Baby Schedule (guide)

Do you Know What is in the Cereal that you’re Offering Baby?

I wanted to introduce Ahalya to a baby cereal and the Cerelac 6months + was recommended by many. So I bought a pack and when I went through the list of ingredients, I found that it clearly states that there is sugar in the mix. And I am actively trying to avoid giving my infant… Continue reading Do you Know What is in the Cereal that you’re Offering Baby?

Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding

I am a proud breastfeeding momma. But I DON'T think formula feeding moms are lesser moms or that they are doing wrong by their babies. I think however you choose to feed your baby, all moms are doing the very best they can; giving it all they've got, doing what they feel is best for… Continue reading Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding

Weaning 101

Feeding your baby should be a decision made by you and your pediatrician and midwife. My baby was gaining weight a little slowly, so I was asked to include a few meals in her diet from the first few weeks itself. But if your baby is of healthy weight then you don't need to introduce… Continue reading Weaning 101

Introducing Lentil to Baby

So, Day 1 and 2 of Solids with Ahalya were Red Basmati rice and breast milk. Day 3 is the same red rice (without the BM) but with some lentils - all mashed up together. Lentils and other legumes pack lots of lean protein and fibre essential for baby's growth and a healthy digestive system.… Continue reading Introducing Lentil to Baby

First Day of Solids!

Ahalya will be 6 months old in 6 days and today is our first day of solids. She's been exclusively breastfed (on demand) up until now and I was scared to introduce her to anything else fearing she might reject it or be fussy. The midwife suggested that I start her weaning journey with 2… Continue reading First Day of Solids!

Bellamy’s Toothie Pegs Organic Milk Rusks (Review)

As she hits the peak of teething, Ahalya has started chomping down on literally everything. There seems to be a lot of discomfort and maybe even pain as her teeth cut through her gums and she grunts and grinds them together in an effort to relive the sensation. So, today I tried these teething sticks… Continue reading Bellamy’s Toothie Pegs Organic Milk Rusks (Review)

IKEA Kladd Randig Feeding Bibs (Review)

If you are able to, please, please do yourself a favor and get washable baby feeding bibs (like this one from IKEA) when you start feeding your baby. I'm sure they are available in Sri Lanka or you can purchase it via e-bay too. Ahalya's Sarasi Nandi got her a set of Kladd Randig Feeding… Continue reading IKEA Kladd Randig Feeding Bibs (Review)