Introducing Dambala (Winged Bean) to Baby

My daughter got her first taste of Winged Bean today; her 36th ingredient to try. Also known as Goa Bean or Asparagus Bean, this vegetable is a healthy addition to your baby's diet and can be included in her lunch of rice, lentils, tubers, leaves, vegetables and meat.Winged bean is a good source of vitamins… Continue reading Introducing Dambala (Winged Bean) to Baby

Introducing King Coconut Water to Baby

Today, I offered my baby a tablespoon or so of fresh king coconut water, as her 35th ingredient to try.Young coconut water is one of the best fluid replenishing agents known to man since ancient times and possess all the essential nutrients that are required for human survival.It is also a rich source electrolytes, chlorides,… Continue reading Introducing King Coconut Water to Baby

Weaning Information on Local (Sri Lankan) Produce and Foods

If you are a Sri Lankan parent or one residing in Sri Lanka, then I would definitely recommend reading the Child Nutrition PDF Booklet issued by the Family Health Bureau (FHB). The organization, which is the focal point for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) in Sri Lanka, has publicized this document to help new parents… Continue reading Weaning Information on Local (Sri Lankan) Produce and Foods

Introducing Thebu (Wild Ginger Leaves) to Baby

I introduced Thebu Leaves or Wild Ginger Leaves to the little one in her lunch as the 34th ingredient. Ahalya's lunch generally consist of rice, a starchy tuber, lentil, a yellow vegetable, a green vegetable, meat/fish, a type of edible leaf and coconut milk. And today's leaf was Thebu.Also know as Crepe Ginger or Crape… Continue reading Introducing Thebu (Wild Ginger Leaves) to Baby

Introducing Mandarin to Baby

Ahalya suck on a deseeded mandarin wedge for a few seconds today. That was her 33rd ingredient to try.Mandarins are rich in minerals and vitamins that are extremely beneficial for indigestion or dyspepsia that is common among babies. They can also help improve their digestive system. Feeding pulpy citrus fruits will also reduce the chances… Continue reading Introducing Mandarin to Baby

Why I offer Ahalya Fruit instead of Juice

I decided against offering Ahalya juice because of a report released by The American Academy of Pediatrics earlier last year. It offered new recommendations warning parents against giving fruit juice to children under the age of one.And from what I read, I realized that juiced fruit only contains a very small amount of vitamins and… Continue reading Why I offer Ahalya Fruit instead of Juice

Introducing Raspberry to Baby

Ahalya tried raspberry puree for the first time in these Apple, Pear and Raspberry Stage 1 Fruit Pots by Organix Food as her 32nd ingredient.A blend of organic fruits, these baby food pots help little ones explore natural tastes and flavours to gently expand their palate. And My little girl loved these (she eats around… Continue reading Introducing Raspberry to Baby

Introducing Mukunuwenna (Alternanthera Sessilis) to Baby

Ahalya tried Mukunuwenna leaves as her 31st ingredient for the first time at lunch today. And I used its tender shoots from my fathers herb garden at home.And I also offered her Rathu Kekulu rice instead of red Basmati and she really liked it (I suppose the grain of the Basmati is somewhat harder and… Continue reading Introducing Mukunuwenna (Alternanthera Sessilis) to Baby

Introducing Snake Gourd (Pathola) to Baby

My little girl's 30th ingredient to try for the first time was snake gourd, mixed in with her lunch of red rice, lentil, potato, spinach, pumpkin, chicken and coconut milk.Snake gourds contain significant levels of dietary fiber, a small number of calories, and high levels of protein. In terms of vitamins, they possess vitamin A,… Continue reading Introducing Snake Gourd (Pathola) to Baby

Introducing Apple to Baby

I offered Ahalya apple today; her 29th ingredient. I made applesauce by peeling, coring, roughly chopping and cooking an apple in a small amount of water for 10 minutes or so. Afterwards I strained and puréed it, let it cool and combined it with mango and banana puree that I had made previously.Apples are rich… Continue reading Introducing Apple to Baby