Introducing Lima Beans (Butter Beans) to Baby

Ahalya's dinner tonight is a naked burrito bowl (this is before pureeing/mashing of course). It's also the first time she tried Lima beans (she has tried organic white rice cereal before, even though this is the first time shes actually eating grains of natural white rive) - as her 50th ingredient in our complimentary weaning… Continue reading Introducing Lima Beans (Butter Beans) to Baby

Introducing Bell Pepper to Baby

I think my daughter is cutting a tooth and her gums seem hard and swollen. She also seems to be in pain at times. And while I have read that breast milk serves as a natural painkiller and offer it to her regularly, I also wanted to know if there was any food that helped… Continue reading Introducing Bell Pepper to Baby

Introducing Barley to Baby

OnI introduced my daughter to her 48th ingredient; Barley. Although barley is not a commonly-consumed food these days, it is one of the most nutritious grains naturally available. Because the grains become bigger and chewy when cooked, I ground the barley into a grainy powder, so that it still had very small chewy, sago seed-like… Continue reading Introducing Barley to Baby

Introducing Kurakkan (Finger Millet) to Baby

Ahalya was introduced to her 47th ingredient in a breakfast of Kurakkan Porridge or finger millet. I cooked 4-5 tbsp of kurakkan flour in a cup or so of water For about 6-7 minutes until it was cooked completely into a semi solid, glutenous paste (make sure it is completely cooked as uncooked dietary fibers… Continue reading Introducing Kurakkan (Finger Millet) to Baby

Introducing Karawila (Bitter Gourd) to Baby

As her 46th ingredient, my daughter tried Bitter Gourd for the first time with her lunch. I found the paler, lighter-green variety at the pola and added very little to her food (because it lowers blood sugar levels and can taste, as the name suggests, quite bitter). Also known as Bitter Melon and Karawila (in… Continue reading Introducing Karawila (Bitter Gourd) to Baby

Introducing Kidney Beans to Baby

Today, I offered Ahalya Kidney Beans for breakfast with oats and banana. It was her 45th ingredient to try.Kidney beans contain many vitamins, chief among them being vitamin B9, vitamin B1 and vitamin K1 - all vital to the healthy development of a baby. Key minerals in these beans include iron, phosphorous, manganese, copper and… Continue reading Introducing Kidney Beans to Baby

Introducing Sprats (Halmasso) to Baby

Ahalya had sprats with her lunch of red rice, veges, greens, legumes and coconut milk. And sprats were her 44th ingredient to try. I prepared this dried fish by soaking it and washing it thoroughly in order to remove the salt curing. Then I dried it out completely in the oven -until crisp- and ground… Continue reading Introducing Sprats (Halmasso) to Baby

Introducing Leek to Baby

Our 43rd ingredient to try was leek. So I made a leek, potato and chicken soup tempered in unsalted butter (this was before pureeing). It smelt amazing and tasted quite good too.Being rich in minerals like nickel, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorous and vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K, along with a moderate… Continue reading Introducing Leek to Baby