Introducing Kiwi Fruit to Baby

Today, I offered my daughter Kiwi Fruit (8 months+/1 year+) for the first time as her 77th ingredient to try. It was combined with ripe mango and she seemed to like it very much.Kiwi fruit or Chinese gooseberry is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folate, Antioxidants, Folic Acid and dietary fiber. It… Continue reading Introducing Kiwi Fruit to Baby

SAH (stay-at-home) Mom Confession: Out with Friends only Twice in 255 Days

We spent last weekend at my in-laws' and I thought that it was a good day for me to go out for dinner with some friends of mine; ex-colleagues who I have been wanting to meet for sometime now. While planning details, I kept telling them how excited I was about it. So one of… Continue reading SAH (stay-at-home) Mom Confession: Out with Friends only Twice in 255 Days

Introducing Kesel Muwa (Banana Blossom) to Baby

I was looking to give Ahalya Banana Blossom or Kesel Muwa this week, but since I haven't still removed my stitches, I was a little apprehensive about preparing it for her. That's when I came across packaged banana flower, cleaned, chopped and ready for cooking. So, I bought a pack and used it when making… Continue reading Introducing Kesel Muwa (Banana Blossom) to Baby

Be Cautious when Introducing Egg White to Baby

Ahalya tasted egg white (8 months+) for the first time as her 75th ingredient to try. I boiled an egg, separated the white from the yolk and puréed half with the rest of her lunch ingredients. Try and use gam biththara or free range farm eggs if they are available to you.A large egg white… Continue reading Be Cautious when Introducing Egg White to Baby

Introducing Thalana Batu (Thai Eggplant) to Baby

I introduced Thai eggplant (8 months+) or Thalana Batu to Ahalya as her 74th ingredient to try, mixed in with the rest of her usual lunch.Thai eggplant is full of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, niacin, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber and antioxidants.This vegetable provides protection against heart disease and certain types of cancer,… Continue reading Introducing Thalana Batu (Thai Eggplant) to Baby

Introducing Egg Yolk to Baby

The 73rd ingredient I offered my little one was egg yolk; mixed together with spinach, unsalted butter and sweet potato or Kaha Bathala.Egg yolks are rich in proteins, fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E. vitamin K, choline, vitamin B12, thiamin, riboflavin, folate and minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, selenium and… Continue reading Introducing Egg Yolk to Baby

Introducing Onion to Baby

I gave my little girl her first taste of onion. It was her 72nd ingredient to try. I tempered sliced red onions or shallots and added a little it to her lunch of cooked red rice, greens, chicken, coconut milk and veges. Before serving it, I gave the whole mix a few pulses -the way… Continue reading Introducing Onion to Baby

Introducing Garlic to Baby

Ahalya tasted garlic for first time as her 71st ingredient. I crushed a few cloves of garlic, fried it in organic virgin coconut oil and added it to her lunch. I didn't want to cook the crushed garlic with the rice and veges on the first day because I was worried that its strong taste… Continue reading Introducing Garlic to Baby

She said ‘Amma’ (Momma) for the first time!

Today Ahalya said 'amma' for the first time! She had no clue what it meant, I think. Just indiscriminately babbled 'amma-amma', but I almost cried with joy! I know I'll become exasperated having to hear it a million times a day as she grows up, but I have to be honest, the first time I… Continue reading She said ‘Amma’ (Momma) for the first time!

Introducing Karapincha (Curry Leaf) to Baby

I introduced my baby to curry leaf or karapincha today. It was her 70th ingredient to try. I added it to her lunch of red rice, vegetables, lentils, greens, coconut milk and fish. From now on, I will be including curry leaf whenever I make Sri Lankan food (including her daily lunch) for Ahalya.Curry leaves… Continue reading Introducing Karapincha (Curry Leaf) to Baby