Introducing Rice Cereal to Baby

I wanted to start Ahalya on a baby cereal so that there is a meal option always ready-to-go; especially on days that are a complete rush, for when I'm ill or we are out and about, away from home. And the local market is sadly lacking in chemical-free, clean baby food products with nothing 'weird'… Continue reading Introducing Rice Cereal to Baby

Do you Know What is in the Cereal that you’re Offering Baby?

I wanted to introduce Ahalya to a baby cereal and the Cerelac 6months + was recommended by many. So I bought a pack and when I went through the list of ingredients, I found that it clearly states that there is sugar in the mix. And I am actively trying to avoid giving my infant… Continue reading Do you Know What is in the Cereal that you’re Offering Baby?

Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding

I am a proud breastfeeding momma. But I DON'T think formula feeding moms are lesser moms or that they are doing wrong by their babies. I think however you choose to feed your baby, all moms are doing the very best they can; giving it all they've got, doing what they feel is best for… Continue reading Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding

Introducing Chickpea to Baby

I added 2-3 tablespoons of boiled and ground chickpea to her breakfast oats today. Chickpeas are the 11th ingredient my daughter has been introduced to. Chickpeas are known for their high-protein content that will help develop baby's growing muscles and also aid the development of an infant's internal organs. It also a has a small… Continue reading Introducing Chickpea to Baby

Introducing (unsalted) Butter to Baby

I introduced Ahalya to her 10th ingredient today: Unsalted Butter. It was also the first time she had dinner, which I scheduled to around 6pm so that there is a wait of around an hour and a half before her nighttime wash. I made mashed potatoes with a dollop of butter mixed in. It was… Continue reading Introducing (unsalted) Butter to Baby

Introducing Avocado to Baby

I have decided to only introduce only one food at a time to my baby on our complimentary feeding (because then I would be able to identify the source of any allergy or reaction easily). So, here is the 9th ingredient I decided to also give her; its mashed Avacado. Avocados are a great introductory… Continue reading Introducing Avocado to Baby

Introducing Gotukola (centella asiatica) to Baby

The 8th ingredient Ahalya tasted was gotukola. This leafy green, scientifically identified as centella asiatica, is know for its antibacterial properties. It will also help boost the central nervous system and improve the circulatory system of your baby. Gotukola is sometimes used to treat skin inflammatory conditions (and is even crushed and applied topically) and… Continue reading Introducing Gotukola (centella asiatica) to Baby

Introducing Potato to Baby

The 7th ingredient I introduced to my little girl’s diet was potato. White potatoes also don't typically pose an allergy risk so it's one of the safer foods to introduce to you baby when you start him or her on solids. However, the nutritional value of regular potatoes is really not very high. They do… Continue reading Introducing Potato to Baby

Introducing Spanish Mackerel (Indian Ocean Fish) to Baby

I told my sister-in-law about the whole Thalapath fish predicament and she told me to try a small piece of Thora Maalu or Spanish Mackarel instead. And guess what? It worked! I boiled a small piece of Thora Fish and separately flaked it by hand (make sure you remove all bones). After pulsing the rice and vegetable mix together,… Continue reading Introducing Spanish Mackerel (Indian Ocean Fish) to Baby