If you're a mom who does all of baby's work on her own, I suggest making a changing tray for yourself. It makes baby changing mobile and organized and saves a lot of time by having everything stocked and ready. I have a bowl of cotton wool balls soaking in boiled and cooled water. A… Continue reading NAPPY CHANGE


This mobile mosquito net I bought at Kidz World (Thalawathugoda) has come in very handy for when I take the little one outdoors and when we are out at a friend’s till a little late in the night. This way I know that mosquitoes and other insects that are abundant in a tropical climate can't… Continue reading MOSQUITO NET


I'm one of those parents who decided to use reusable cotton nappies or cloth diapers with my new born. Because of the heat and humidity of our climate, I felt that it would be better for my baby to be dressed in cotton nappies at all times. The pros are that it is probably better… Continue reading CLOTH NAPPIES


Getting enough sunlight each day is important for little ones in order to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D. While overexposure to harsh sunlight can cause more harm than good, the soft rays of the morning sun can be beneficial for your baby's good health. I keep my little girl on a comfy quilt near… Continue reading VITAMIN D


Investing in a baby nail clipper kit was one of the best things I did pre-pregnancy. My little one was born with long nails and she scratched her face from the very first day since birth. It was hard to watch her make all those scratch marks on baby soft skin. I was worried if… Continue reading CLIPPING BABY NAILS