First Signs of Crawling

Ahalya (4.1 months old) was showing the first signs of crawling, so I got her one of those spongy play mats from Cool Planet. And yesterday (on the 8th of July) she actually crawled just a few inches for the first time! it's also got numbers on a #colourful surface so that we make a… Continue reading First Signs of Crawling

What to Expect at 4 Months Old (Give or Take)

Ahalya is four months old today. She can spend about 15-30 minutes alone, by herself, without a fuss now. That is if she's fed and full and not too sleepy or cranky. Although she can't 'play' on her own yet, she can entertain herself using some of her toys. Her favorite is to instantly roll… Continue reading What to Expect at 4 Months Old (Give or Take)

Full Time Diaper Baby with her Head Held High!

Ahalya is in disposable diapers full time now. Her cloth nappy days are over. She is a master of 'roll over' and doesn't stay on her mat anymore. She doesn't stay still at all! So unless I'm ready to find and clean patches of pee all over the place, this seems to be the way… Continue reading Full Time Diaper Baby with her Head Held High!

Growth Spurt or Wonder Week or Both?

The past week and a half was tough. It was a trying time as we hit a growth spurt and wonder week simultaneously at 12 weeks. I had a baby who was fussy, clingy, cranky and restless. Her sleep routine went for a six. She started waking up in the middle of the night for… Continue reading Growth Spurt or Wonder Week or Both?

Breastfeeding; look no hands!

Free! Free! My arms are finally free!!! My baby can now feed without my hands supporting her head or my breast. It was impossible to breastfeed my little girl without holding my breast away from her nose with one hand (so she wouldn't suffocate) and the other supporting her neck in place (it wasn't steady… Continue reading Breastfeeding; look no hands!

The First Smile

Month 2-3 of your baby's life, marks the beginning of those irresistible smiles. They will appear out of nowhere, even in the middle of a fussy episode, and make everything instantly better! Those toothless giggles your little one greets you with in the morning are one of the most precious things you can ever receive.… Continue reading The First Smile