The Dangers of using Baby Powder

For baby nappy rash, heat rash and intertrigo*, a lot of Sri Lankan parents look to baby powders for prevention and healing. But I would seriously warn against its use. Baby powder can cause breathing trouble, respiratory illnesses and serious lung damage, once babies inhale its particles. Premature babies and those with a history of… Continue reading The Dangers of using Baby Powder

Help! It’s the Drool.

It started at 2.7 weeks. Drool. Constant drool dripping down her chin onto her neck and chest. A week later, we had a saliva rash on our hands. I was constantly wiping saliva off her face and cursing all baby rashes to the depths of hell. I mean how many did I have to deal… Continue reading Help! It’s the Drool.

Sweat-induced Fungal Infections

It started around a month ago, when she was about 1.5 months old. She got a rash in the folds of her neck. I thought it was because of milk dribbling there but then she also got it on her armpits too. I knew it was because of the accumulation of sweat due to the… Continue reading Sweat-induced Fungal Infections