Feeding Baby Solids on Holiday

The staff at Jetwing Yala were very accommodating of baby's needs and so helpful when it came to our requests. It was especially thoughtful of them to insist on helping with preparing her food. While I packed my organic and natural baby food jars and cereals for Ahalya, I was a little worried about the… Continue reading Feeding Baby Solids on Holiday

Baby Trend Travel System (Review)

This is Ahalya's baby stroller. It's where she stays while we eat at restaurants, while I cook and do chores around the house, while we walk to ease a fussy episode and during a million other things that require her to be mobile but safe. I realized just how useful it is during my recent… Continue reading Baby Trend Travel System (Review)

Choosing a Hotel for your Baby Vacay

Before going on holiday with my little girl, I follow up on a few things with the hotel staff. They may also come in handy for you when travelling with an infant. Make sure that the hotel has a cot available (if you don't co-sleep - if you do, ask for the size of their… Continue reading Choosing a Hotel for your Baby Vacay