Is your Baby Constipated after Solids?

A lot of mommies have been writing to me asking about constipation and changes in baby's stool once they start on solids. And while I'd like to remind you guys that I'm not a pediatric professional or an expert in the field whose advise should not be taken as a rule but more as a… Continue reading Is your Baby Constipated after Solids?

Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding

I am a proud breastfeeding momma. But I DON'T think formula feeding moms are lesser moms or that they are doing wrong by their babies. I think however you choose to feed your baby, all moms are doing the very best they can; giving it all they've got, doing what they feel is best for… Continue reading Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding


When I took my baby for her 4 month vaccine her pediatrician said that she is not gaining weight fast enough. And even though she was still in the lower green percentile (and not in the underweight zone) it was worrying because she might begin to drop to the orange/red range if she continued gaining… Continue reading Slow-weight-gainer…

Breast Milk, Child and Gut Microbes; more Reasons to Breastfeed

Did you know that a study worked out by three researchers at the University of California, Davis has discovered an important connection in the three-way relationship between mother, child and gut microbes? They have found that a particular strain of bacterium found in baby's gut possesses special genes that enable it to thrive on the… Continue reading Breast Milk, Child and Gut Microbes; more Reasons to Breastfeed

Breastfeeding; look no hands!

Free! Free! My arms are finally free!!! My baby can now feed without my hands supporting her head or my breast. It was impossible to breastfeed my little girl without holding my breast away from her nose with one hand (so she wouldn't suffocate) and the other supporting her neck in place (it wasn't steady… Continue reading Breastfeeding; look no hands!

What you need to know about Breastfeeding

When I was pregnant, so many women told me that breastfeeding was hard (it is one of the major reasons for moms to switch from breastfeeding to formula), that it didn't come naturally and was a painful and trying experience. The rest of the world, including all healthcare professionals I came across -pre and post… Continue reading What you need to know about Breastfeeding

Baby Growth Spurts

My baby is going through another growth spurt. When she was 2-3 weeks old, was her first. I freaked out and didn't know what was going on. She was fussy, cried for hours even when she was being fed, pulled off and on the breast, slept less, was irritable and cranky and very, very clingy.… Continue reading Baby Growth Spurts

Introducing the Bottle & Storing Brestmilk

Initially when we tried offering pumped breast milk in a bottle, our little one wasn't too happy. She fussed cried and refused it taking only a drop or two. The second time was better, and then each day it became easier (I pumped and my husband fed her once a day, at night). It's said… Continue reading Introducing the Bottle & Storing Brestmilk

Pumping Breast Milk (Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump Review)

If you're a breastfeeding mom who plans on heading to work in a few weeks/months after baby is born, has to be away from baby for chores, needs to pump for a little preemi soon after birth or simply a mom who needs some time to herself, then you'll probably have to invest in a… Continue reading Pumping Breast Milk (Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump Review)


Breastfeeding mommies know that your favourite feeding bra becomes your best friend in those first few months. I have three types of bras that I use while I’m feeding the baby. My favourite is the one on top. Not only does it come with insert-able and washable breast pads, this bra also unhooks while still… Continue reading FEEDING BRAS