Changing Baby-Changing Tray

Since my little girl has been in disposable diapers full time, our baby changing tray too has seen a few changes of its own. You don't need room for nappy pins anymore. But the roll of kitchen towels, nappy cream and the bowl full of cotton wool soaked in hot water still remain. We also… Continue reading Changing Baby-Changing Tray

Full Time Diaper Baby with her Head Held High!

Ahalya is in disposable diapers full time now. Her cloth nappy days are over. She is a master of 'roll over' and doesn't stay on her mat anymore. She doesn't stay still at all! So unless I'm ready to find and clean patches of pee all over the place, this seems to be the way… Continue reading Full Time Diaper Baby with her Head Held High!


I wanted to do a review of disposable diapers against the reusable cloth nappies once I started using them; and here it is. I started baby on Huggies Snug and Dry diapers in the nights, starting two weeks ago (as soon as Ahalya hit three weeks). The good news is that because it keeps the… Continue reading DISPOSABLE DIAPERS


I'm one of those parents who decided to use reusable cotton nappies or cloth diapers with my new born. Because of the heat and humidity of our climate, I felt that it would be better for my baby to be dressed in cotton nappies at all times. The pros are that it is probably better… Continue reading CLOTH NAPPIES