She said ‘Amma’ (Momma) for the first time!

Today Ahalya said 'amma' for the first time! She had no clue what it meant, I think. Just indiscriminately babbled 'amma-amma', but I almost cried with joy! I know I'll become exasperated having to hear it a million times a day as she grows up, but I have to be honest, the first time I… Continue reading She said ‘Amma’ (Momma) for the first time!

What to Expect at 4 Months Old (Give or Take)

Ahalya is four months old today. She can spend about 15-30 minutes alone, by herself, without a fuss now. That is if she's fed and full and not too sleepy or cranky. Although she can't 'play' on her own yet, she can entertain herself using some of her toys. Her favorite is to instantly roll… Continue reading What to Expect at 4 Months Old (Give or Take)

Bedtime Reading

A new introduction to our sleep routine now is reading a little baby book just before bedtime, soon after our night sponge. I introduced her to colourful board books with 5-8 pages at most and she loves them! Some of it is interactive like this lift-the-flap ‘Under the Sea’ book. She also likes this other… Continue reading Bedtime Reading

The First Smile

Month 2-3 of your baby's life, marks the beginning of those irresistible smiles. They will appear out of nowhere, even in the middle of a fussy episode, and make everything instantly better! Those toothless giggles your little one greets you with in the morning are one of the most precious things you can ever receive.… Continue reading The First Smile

First Baby Sounds

I have read that at 2 months-old your baby makes real progress in communication. And that's true! I started mimicking the 'nga' 'aye' 'kha' sounds she was making since 1.7 weeks. And by 2 months we were having a two way baby conversation! It was a lot of incoherent noises but we were properly communicating… Continue reading First Baby Sounds