Self-feeding Tips for Independent Eating

I have shared with you guys before about wanting to follow baby-led weaning and how my pediatrician strictly advised me against it as my little girl is a slow weight-gainer. So, I reluctantly began feeding her monitored portions with a bowl and spoon. But we are just over 8 months old now and I thought… Continue reading Self-feeding Tips for Independent Eating

Sensory Bags for Exploratory & Cognitive Development

If you're a parent who does baby's things on your own, you probably love mess-free play and baby activities that won't require lots of preparation and cleaning afterwards. But you're also keen on exposing your little ones to different textures, colors and material in order to help them understand the world around them better while… Continue reading Sensory Bags for Exploratory & Cognitive Development

Why you should Read your Kid’s Books before Reading to him/her

Every night before bedtime I read a little book to Ahalya. She sits on my lap and we have a lot of fun doing this. Because I was only limiting her to English children’s books, I thought it was time to introduce illustrated Sinhalese (sadly I am not fluent in Tamil) story books too. And… Continue reading Why you should Read your Kid’s Books before Reading to him/her

Oral Exploration

Is your baby mouthing everything that comes her way? Trust me, you're not alone! But there is a good reason behind this behavior and it isn't something that you should prevent or put a stop to immediately. Oral exploration is a key developmental stage in babies. Putting toys and other household objects in their mouth… Continue reading Oral Exploration

Bedtime Reading

A new introduction to our sleep routine now is reading a little baby book just before bedtime, soon after our night sponge. I introduced her to colourful board books with 5-8 pages at most and she loves them! Some of it is interactive like this lift-the-flap ‘Under the Sea’ book. She also likes this other… Continue reading Bedtime Reading

Play Gym Time

Ahalya is 3 months old tomorrow. And it's the perfect time to introduce her to a baby play gym. Not only do they provide entertaining distractions (that help you get little things done around the house) but also help in the physical development of your infant. This particular play gym has colourful foam arches with… Continue reading Play Gym Time

Soft Cloth Blocks from Milk (Review)

I got these colourful cloth play blocks for Ahalya from Milk down Horton Place, so that we can use them at singsong time. While I sing along to Old Macdonald, I show her all the animals on the blocks. We also use the vehicles on this toy block set when singing Big Red Bus. She… Continue reading Soft Cloth Blocks from Milk (Review)

Newborn Sight & Sound

To initiate learning activities to encourage baby's sense of sight and hearing, introduce a new born-safe baby rattle at playtime. You can move a bright colourful rattle across baby's line of vision so that she learns to track moving objects. The gentle sound of a rattle can also help your little one identify sounds with… Continue reading Newborn Sight & Sound