Huggies Little Swimmers Leak-proof Swim Pants (Review)

Bambino sells individual Huggies Little Swimmers Baby Swimpants (size 3-4) for Rs.225 each (they also sell an entire pack for over Rs.2000). This worked really well for us because I wasn't sure how she would react to this particular product (my baby has very sensitive skin prone to mild eczema so I'm careful with topical… Continue reading Huggies Little Swimmers Leak-proof Swim Pants (Review)

Washing/Bathing your Travelling Infant

My husband and I travel a lot with the little one. So this is my solution to bathing her when we stay at hotels. It works well if you have a big sink in your room. So what I do first is wash the sink with baby soap and hot water. Then I let it… Continue reading Washing/Bathing your Travelling Infant

Why Commercial Baby Wipes shouldn’t be a part of your everyday Baby Care Routine

Like I said in my earlier travel post, I took with me cotton wool and kitchen towels to change baby with during my stay at Jie Jie Beach by Jetwing. I also took a clean container (with a lid) to which I added boiled (then slightly cooled) water and balls of cotton wool. I used… Continue reading Why Commercial Baby Wipes shouldn’t be a part of your everyday Baby Care Routine

Infant Travel Essentials; the checklist

When you realize that packing for a short getaway means 2 Barefoot Bags + half a carry on for baby and just half of whatever’s remaining in the carry on for me. Did my first night away with Ahalya, minus the better half. But my other better half, Shabna, was there, so all good! It's… Continue reading Infant Travel Essentials; the checklist

Invest in an Infant-safe Car-seat

If you travel with your infant or baby in a vehicle with rear seat belts, then you MUST invest in a baby car-seat. It's a matter of precaution and safety for when an accident may occur while traveling (and Sri Lanka, as we all know, offers ample opportunity for this !). while I do understand… Continue reading Invest in an Infant-safe Car-seat