Introducing Coconut Oil to Baby

I introduced Coconut Oil to Ahalya's diet as her 58th ingredient to try. I used organic, virgin coconut oil to lightly sautée some boiled Spanish Mackarel or Thora Maalu which was to be mixed into her lunch. She doesn't like the taste of fish in general so I thought that browning it in a little… Continue reading Introducing Coconut Oil to Baby

Messy Mealtimes!

Sometimes I let Ahalya play with her food. For those who know me and my clean/neat-freak madness, this may come as a surprise. But I let her make a mess. Yes, voluntarily.I let her explore textures using her hands and hope that it will help her become more open to the idea of eating by… Continue reading Messy Mealtimes!

Introducing Lotus Root to Baby

We had lotus root or nelum ala for the first time and I was so excited for it! It was her 57th ingredient to try.I added it to her regular lunch by cleaning, peeling, slicing, washing thoroughly and boiling the root for about 15 minutes until tender yet still somewhat crisp (it will usually cook… Continue reading Introducing Lotus Root to Baby

Introducing Koththamalli (Coriander Seed) to Baby

Because Ahalya is having a bit of a cough and cold, I offered her a little coriander seed tea as her 56th ingredient the other day. I made sure the tea was mild and gave her very little because I wanted to see if there was some sort of reaction. She seems to be fine… Continue reading Introducing Koththamalli (Coriander Seed) to Baby

Introducing Hathawariya (Asparagus Racemosus) to Baby

I offered my baby Hathawariya Kola Kenda as her 55th ingredient and it went really well. But I didn't prepare it the way I usually make herbal porridge for us at home. I first cooked some rosa kekulu rice in thin coconut milk and, when it was done, added the Hathawariya leaves -picked fresh from… Continue reading Introducing Hathawariya (Asparagus Racemosus) to Baby

Strawberry and Raspberry Porridge by Ella’s Kitchen (Review)

I offered Ahalya the organic baby food product, Strawberry and Raspberry Porridge (for 7 months+ infants) by Ella's Kitchen today. Because of the various ingredients and flavours in the mix, it's great for baby's being introduced to new textures and flavours. Made from all organic and healthy components, this baby porridge doesn't contain added or… Continue reading Strawberry and Raspberry Porridge by Ella’s Kitchen (Review)

Introducing Moringa (Drumstick) to Baby

When my little girl tried morninga pods for the first time, I marked it; her 54th ingredient to taste. We've sure come a long way!Before cooking, I cleaned its rind of the long fibers and sliced it the way I usually do for curries. Then I boiled it with her rice (she also tried Pachchaperumal… Continue reading Introducing Moringa (Drumstick) to Baby

Introducing Maalu Miris (Banana Peppers) to Baby

As her 53rd ingredient, my little one tried green capsicum or maalu miris. It was quite tricky. I first added one de-seeded and sliced capsicum or banana pepper to two potatoes and one white leek stem and sautéed them in unsalted butter (see image). I puréed this and tasted it. It was much more peppery… Continue reading Introducing Maalu Miris (Banana Peppers) to Baby

Introducing Wetakolu (Luffa Gourd/Ridge Gourd) to Baby

I included Luffa Gourd or Ridge Gourd to Ahalya's lunch of rice, lentils, meat, veges, greens, potato and coconut milk today. It was her 52nd ingredient to try! I cleaned and lightly peeled the tough rind of the gourd and sliced it for cooking. I also removed its stringy center that contains the seeds because… Continue reading Introducing Wetakolu (Luffa Gourd/Ridge Gourd) to Baby

Introducing Dates to Baby

I fed Ahalya pureed dates, as her 51st ingredient, mixed together with oats. And like all things sweet she really disliked its taste. But we did manage to eat about 3/4 of the bowl (prolly because of the taste of oats), but still not too happily. (I prepared the dates by soaking them in very… Continue reading Introducing Dates to Baby