SAH (stay-at-home) Mom Confession: Out with Friends only Twice in 255 Days

We spent last weekend at my in-laws' and I thought that it was a good day for me to go out for dinner with some friends of mine; ex-colleagues who I have been wanting to meet for sometime now. While planning details, I kept telling them how excited I was about it. So one of… Continue reading SAH (stay-at-home) Mom Confession: Out with Friends only Twice in 255 Days

Self-feeding Tips for Independent Eating

I have shared with you guys before about wanting to follow baby-led weaning and how my pediatrician strictly advised me against it as my little girl is a slow weight-gainer. So, I reluctantly began feeding her monitored portions with a bowl and spoon. But we are just over 8 months old now and I thought… Continue reading Self-feeding Tips for Independent Eating

I was Operated for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

When you're a parent you sometimes become your own worst critique. You push yourself to go beyond what you are capable of doing. You tell yourself you have to do more, sacrifice more and BECOME more. And sometimes, you forget about yourself; you don't think it's as important to look after yourself, you think it's… Continue reading I was Operated for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Sleeptime Tips; Humidifier & Cot Height

Two things. 1 - This cool mist humidifier (top left, purple and white) is one of the best purchases I have made so far, since having the little one. I'm not big on meds for the baby and THIS has proven very effective when she fights through colds and nasal congestion. And it also works… Continue reading Sleeptime Tips; Humidifier & Cot Height

Feeding Baby Solids on Holiday

The staff at Jetwing Yala were very accommodating of baby's needs and so helpful when it came to our requests. It was especially thoughtful of them to insist on helping with preparing her food. While I packed my organic and natural baby food jars and cereals for Ahalya, I was a little worried about the… Continue reading Feeding Baby Solids on Holiday

Huggies Little Swimmers Leak-proof Swim Pants (Review)

Bambino sells individual Huggies Little Swimmers Baby Swimpants (size 3-4) for Rs.225 each (they also sell an entire pack for over Rs.2000). This worked really well for us because I wasn't sure how she would react to this particular product (my baby has very sensitive skin prone to mild eczema so I'm careful with topical… Continue reading Huggies Little Swimmers Leak-proof Swim Pants (Review)

Sensory Bags for Exploratory & Cognitive Development

If you're a parent who does baby's things on your own, you probably love mess-free play and baby activities that won't require lots of preparation and cleaning afterwards. But you're also keen on exposing your little ones to different textures, colors and material in order to help them understand the world around them better while… Continue reading Sensory Bags for Exploratory & Cognitive Development

How to offer Vitamin Drops to Baby – and actually Succeed!

If you have a little baby like mine, chances are he or she would spurt out her vitamin/medicine drops whenever you have to give it to him/her. It didn't matter if I was using a dropper or a syringe, some days it all went to waste - out the liquid oozed as soon as I… Continue reading How to offer Vitamin Drops to Baby – and actually Succeed!

Weaning Information on Local (Sri Lankan) Produce and Foods

If you are a Sri Lankan parent or one residing in Sri Lanka, then I would definitely recommend reading the Child Nutrition PDF Booklet issued by the Family Health Bureau (FHB). The organization, which is the focal point for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) in Sri Lanka, has publicized this document to help new parents… Continue reading Weaning Information on Local (Sri Lankan) Produce and Foods