Palermo Wi-fi Baby Monitor (Review)

I am so thankful for my friends! Two of them who came down for Avurudu holidays generously offered to gift us THIS! And today, I had my first meal seated at the dining table by myself - after 6 and a half weeks. And… it was wonderful! If you're a parent doing all of baby's… Continue reading Palermo Wi-fi Baby Monitor (Review)

Pumping Breast Milk (Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump Review)

If you're a breastfeeding mom who plans on heading to work in a few weeks/months after baby is born, has to be away from baby for chores, needs to pump for a little preemi soon after birth or simply a mom who needs some time to herself, then you'll probably have to invest in a… Continue reading Pumping Breast Milk (Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump Review)


Breastfeeding mommies know that your favourite feeding bra becomes your best friend in those first few months. I have three types of bras that I use while I’m feeding the baby. My favourite is the one on top. Not only does it come with insert-able and washable breast pads, this bra also unhooks while still… Continue reading FEEDING BRAS


I need to make a confession. I hated the idea of a breastfeeding pillow before I had the baby. I didn't want to buy some weird pillow that went around my body so that it could support my baby. What was wrong with regular pillows? Plus, women never used this sort of thing before and… Continue reading BREASTFEEDING PILLOW


One of the best nipple creams that I can swear by is the Lansinoh Lanolin HPA. It made my sore nipples (she feeds a lot!) disappear in a day. And it's 100% baby safe so you don't have to wipe or clean the nipple before a feed. My newborn wasn't even bothered by the application at all and… Continue reading NIPPLE CREAM