Sleeptime Tips; Humidifier & Cot Height

Two things. 1 - This cool mist humidifier (top left, purple and white) is one of the best purchases I have made so far, since having the little one. I'm not big on meds for the baby and THIS has proven very effective when she fights through colds and nasal congestion. And it also works… Continue reading Sleeptime Tips; Humidifier & Cot Height

Breast Milk, Child and Gut Microbes; more Reasons to Breastfeed

Did you know that a study worked out by three researchers at the University of California, Davis has discovered an important connection in the three-way relationship between mother, child and gut microbes? They have found that a particular strain of bacterium found in baby's gut possesses special genes that enable it to thrive on the… Continue reading Breast Milk, Child and Gut Microbes; more Reasons to Breastfeed

Baby Hair Care; Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is also a nourishing natural oil that serves as a wonderful moisturizer for baby hair and skin. There are different types of coconut oil. Pure coconut oil, derived from the flesh of the coconut, is perfect for cooking because of its nutty taste and amber hue.… Continue reading Baby Hair Care; Coconut Oil

Baby Trend Travel System (Review)

This is Ahalya's baby stroller. It's where she stays while we eat at restaurants, while I cook and do chores around the house, while we walk to ease a fussy episode and during a million other things that require her to be mobile but safe. I realized just how useful it is during my recent… Continue reading Baby Trend Travel System (Review)

The Dangers of using Baby Powder

For baby nappy rash, heat rash and intertrigo*, a lot of Sri Lankan parents look to baby powders for prevention and healing. But I would seriously warn against its use. Baby powder can cause breathing trouble, respiratory illnesses and serious lung damage, once babies inhale its particles. Premature babies and those with a history of… Continue reading The Dangers of using Baby Powder

Water Intoxication in Infants

Every time my baby hiccups or seems thirsty, the usual suggestion from anyone (including family member or complete stranger) is to give her some water. And even though I insist that her pediatrician has advised against it, I am told that it has been practiced for many decades by so many that there really is… Continue reading Water Intoxication in Infants

Choosing a Hotel for your Baby Vacay

Before going on holiday with my little girl, I follow up on a few things with the hotel staff. They may also come in handy for you when travelling with an infant. Make sure that the hotel has a cot available (if you don't co-sleep - if you do, ask for the size of their… Continue reading Choosing a Hotel for your Baby Vacay

Why Commercial Baby Wipes shouldn’t be a part of your everyday Baby Care Routine

Like I said in my earlier travel post, I took with me cotton wool and kitchen towels to change baby with during my stay at Jie Jie Beach by Jetwing. I also took a clean container (with a lid) to which I added boiled (then slightly cooled) water and balls of cotton wool. I used… Continue reading Why Commercial Baby Wipes shouldn’t be a part of your everyday Baby Care Routine