Another Day Solo Parenting!

I got my Carpal Tunnel surgery stitches removed yesterday. It started off with me leaving behind the doctors file for the appointment and having to rush back down from the 3rd floor baby and all to retrieve it. Then the doctor told me that some parts of the wound haven't fully healed yet so to… Continue reading Another Day Solo Parenting!

I was Operated for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

When you're a parent you sometimes become your own worst critique. You push yourself to go beyond what you are capable of doing. You tell yourself you have to do more, sacrifice more and BECOME more. And sometimes, you forget about yourself; you don't think it's as important to look after yourself, you think it's… Continue reading I was Operated for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Why you should Read your Kid’s Books before Reading to him/her

Every night before bedtime I read a little book to Ahalya. She sits on my lap and we have a lot of fun doing this. Because I was only limiting her to English children’s books, I thought it was time to introduce illustrated Sinhalese (sadly I am not fluent in Tamil) story books too. And… Continue reading Why you should Read your Kid’s Books before Reading to him/her

Create your own Parenting Philosophy

If the last two months have taught me anything, it's to not compare. It's important to understand for the sake of your baby (and your sanity), that your little human is a unique individual, just like every other baby. What works for one, won't work for the other. This also applies to parenting, one philosophy… Continue reading Create your own Parenting Philosophy