Why my Heart Broke During her First Blood Test

This little hand. It was this little hand they stuck the needle in. It was a needle removed from a standard syringe and then stuck at the back of her hand. When she was four and a half months old, she had a fever. I took her to the paediatrician and a dengue antigen test… Continue reading Why my Heart Broke During her First Blood Test

A Flu, a Rash, Consultations, Medication and Solo Parenting my way through it all!

The past two weeks have quite honestly been hell. First I caught the flu, again. Then, she caught the flu from me. Her fever was over 101 and a dengue antigen test was recommended by her pead. Thank god it was negative. But the process of drawing blood, drop by drop, with a needle stuck… Continue reading A Flu, a Rash, Consultations, Medication and Solo Parenting my way through it all!

4th Month Sleep Regression & Growth Spurt (with a good dose of teething)

At 4.1 weeks my sweet little girl started waking up to feed often at night (like a newborn!) and her day naps became short and few. She was cranky and clingy and was feeding every one and a half hours, again. And even though I've read so much about it, in reality it's an awful,… Continue reading 4th Month Sleep Regression & Growth Spurt (with a good dose of teething)

Stay at Home Working Mom

I've been writing from home for one whole month now! It's been quite a feat freelancing with a baby who needs constant attention and care. But I'm glad I started working again. It's very little work I've been doing, but it still makes me feel like I have accomplished something (not that any Stay at… Continue reading Stay at Home Working Mom

Growth Spurt or Wonder Week or Both?

The past week and a half was tough. It was a trying time as we hit a growth spurt and wonder week simultaneously at 12 weeks. I had a baby who was fussy, clingy, cranky and restless. Her sleep routine went for a six. She started waking up in the middle of the night for… Continue reading Growth Spurt or Wonder Week or Both?

3 month-old Breastfed Baby Schedule (guide)

At three months old, Ahalya has grown accustom to a somewhat reliable schedule. Some days it all goes according to plan. Other days, especially when she's going through a growth spurt or a wonder week, it's a disaster. She even wakes up in the middle of the night for a feed. I haven't included this… Continue reading 3 month-old Breastfed Baby Schedule (guide)

Infant Travel Essentials; the checklist

When you realize that packing for a short getaway means 2 Barefoot Bags + half a carry on for baby and just half of whatever’s remaining in the carry on for me. Did my first night away with Ahalya, minus the better half. But my other better half, Shabna, was there, so all good! It's… Continue reading Infant Travel Essentials; the checklist

Create your own Parenting Philosophy

If the last two months have taught me anything, it's to not compare. It's important to understand for the sake of your baby (and your sanity), that your little human is a unique individual, just like every other baby. What works for one, won't work for the other. This also applies to parenting, one philosophy… Continue reading Create your own Parenting Philosophy

Palermo Wi-fi Baby Monitor (Review)

I am so thankful for my friends! Two of them who came down for Avurudu holidays generously offered to gift us THIS! And today, I had my first meal seated at the dining table by myself - after 6 and a half weeks. And… it was wonderful! If you're a parent doing all of baby's… Continue reading Palermo Wi-fi Baby Monitor (Review)