Introducing Ginger Root to Baby

The little one tasted Ginger Root (8 months+) for the first time as her 84th ingredient to try. I included it in her usual lunch prep of rice, veges, meat, coconut milk, herbs and spices.Ginger contains many essential nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin B5 and vitamin C and holds a good amount… Continue reading Introducing Ginger Root to Baby

Introducing Liver to Your Baby

I gave my daughter Chicken Liver as her 83rd ingredient to try in a liver, cabbage, potato and garlic soup tempered in unsalted butter (I removed the heart before adding the washed and cleaned liver). It smelt amazing and tasted great too.However, she didn't seem to take to it instantly because the taste of chicken… Continue reading Introducing Liver to Your Baby

Introducing Cucumber to Baby

As her 82nd ingredient to try, I introduced Cucumber (8 months+) to my baby. I poached half a peeled and de-seeded cucumber with plum and mashed it together with banana once fully cooked. I know it sounds like an odd combination but it tasted great and she loved it!Cucumbers are full of vitamin A, vitamin… Continue reading Introducing Cucumber to Baby

Introducing Plum to Baby

I offered Ahalya plum as her 81st ingredient to try. I poached a halved and de-seeded plum in water and a small piece of cinnamon until very soft. This I mashed and combined with sago cooked in coconut milk and she loved it. The almost-psychedelic purplish hue it turned when cooked was also pretty cool.Plums… Continue reading Introducing Plum to Baby

Introducing Blueberry to Baby

Blueberries are considered a super-food and have a whole host of amazing nutrients in them. These berries are high in antioxidants and ascorbic acid or vitamin C. They also contain vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and B complex vitamins. The blueberry is also full of fiber, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.My little one… Continue reading Introducing Blueberry to Baby

Introducing Ricotta to Baby

I gave Ahalya Ricotta (8 months+) for the first time as her 79th ingredient to try, in this Heinze Organic Baby Food Jar that I bought from the Baby Bear Superstore. Ricotta is made from whey - a byproduct of cheeses such as mozzarella and provolone.Full of carbohydrates protein and calories, an excess consumption of… Continue reading Introducing Ricotta to Baby

Introducing Cabbage to Baby

I introduced cabbage to Ahalya and it was her 78th ingredient to try. We made a red cabbage and apple dish tempered in unsalted butter. I chose red cabbage over green because, according to some child nutritionists, it is more nutritious and beneficial for babies. For example, red cabbage contains about 85 percent of the… Continue reading Introducing Cabbage to Baby

Introducing Kiwi Fruit to Baby

Today, I offered my daughter Kiwi Fruit (8 months+/1 year+) for the first time as her 77th ingredient to try. It was combined with ripe mango and she seemed to like it very much.Kiwi fruit or Chinese gooseberry is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folate, Antioxidants, Folic Acid and dietary fiber. It… Continue reading Introducing Kiwi Fruit to Baby

Introducing Kesel Muwa (Banana Blossom) to Baby

I was looking to give Ahalya Banana Blossom or Kesel Muwa this week, but since I haven't still removed my stitches, I was a little apprehensive about preparing it for her. That's when I came across packaged banana flower, cleaned, chopped and ready for cooking. So, I bought a pack and used it when making… Continue reading Introducing Kesel Muwa (Banana Blossom) to Baby

Be Cautious when Introducing Egg White to Baby

Ahalya tasted egg white (8 months+) for the first time as her 75th ingredient to try. I boiled an egg, separated the white from the yolk and puréed half with the rest of her lunch ingredients. Try and use gam biththara or free range farm eggs if they are available to you.A large egg white… Continue reading Be Cautious when Introducing Egg White to Baby